We are a team connected through our shared commitment to service and helping others and healing Earth. Inspired by the response to COVID-19 by World Central Kitchen and Support + Feed, we set out to support the momentous efforts already in place to meet the rapidly growing need for food in our community. 

Our goal: fortify all strands of the web, with a focus on ecologically sound organic nourishment from planet to plate to palate.  Numerous organizations—both long-established and recently formed—are collaborating to meet burgeoning food needs in this pandemic moment. We are enormously grateful to the many organizations who’ve created blueprints for getting started. Please visit their sites to support their work.

Special thanks Moji Javid at Rodef Sholom and Laurie Dubin of “Be the Influence” and Dine11 Marin for their support.  

Dine11 Marin

Support & Feed

World Central Kitchen Covid-19 Relief

Extra Food

SF Marin Food Bank

Mill Valley Community Support Line